Artigianato e tecnologia Artigianato e tecnologia

Craftsmanship and technology

The best way to understand the essence of SigeGold and its collections is to understand the identity of the company. The company's history and success, first with doors and then furniture, is connected to a method of working that combines the tradition of workmanship and the most up-to-date business organisation. Some things have remained unchanged over the years, while others have been completely revised. In other words, the story and evolution of the company are completely intertwined.

The story is made up of the various artisans who have always worked with, and for, SigeGold to form a network of master glassmakers, painters, woodcarvers and marquetry workers coordinated by the company and in communication with the SigeGold Research centre to create each project according to precise instructions. This system combines expertise and teamwork, which is the way to manage every single detail of a creation that must still fully express the exclusivity of the brand.

While this articulated and flexible system has remained unchanged over the years, much has changed in other places. In-house expertise has increased, especially as regards planning, markets have changed and the overall organization of workflows to meet their needs has changed as well. Management now offers a variety of pre-sale and post-sale services, designs new strategies and has launched new products. Technology has played its part, with new tools available for managing orders, but it has mostly been people and their skills that have accompanied our gradual and steady growth. 

The formula that has made SigeGold a key player in the world of elegant doors and luxury furnishings, is capable of making the time-consuming manual processes fit the needs of the marketplace, which is increasingly demanding custom designs, unique items and complete reliability. Our marketing strategies are designed to add value to these human processes that rely on craftsmanship and artistic skill.

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