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The new Kiev

The Ukrainian capital is undoubtedly one of the most thriving cities in the lands of the former USSR. Light years away from the recent past, modern-day Kiev is a city that now looks to Europe even though it is still tied to a recent past, which makes it difficult to forget altogether. Like all capital cities, however, Kiev plays a leading role in experiences and trends, and absorbing new things from other countries. Inhabited mainly by Ukrainians, the city also has communities of Russians, Jews, Moldovans and Poles. 


Kiev has a fundamental trade role with Italy, thanks to the Ukraine's economic policy being extremely welcoming to foreign trade and set to attract new capital and investors. Italy is currently Ukraine's second largest trading partner and, Kiev, obviously, is the place to start for those wishing to enter into trade agreements with Ukraine. 


While the standard of living of the city's inhabitants still presents significant differences, it has improved greatly and some of those with the greatest spending potential live in the capital, which sports monuments and charming glimpses of the Romantic and Byzantine periods. An example of this is the square below the Church of St. Sophia, the symbol of the city with its 13 onion domes that are reminiscent of the grandeur of the original building, though now smaller than the original built in the first decades after the year 1000. In addition to the monuments of historical interest, however, one finds parks throughout the city sprinkled with works of art and experimental architecture, emblems of the drive towards modernity and the desire to be daring. 


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