Skin Fashion Collection Skin Fashion Collection

A collection that looks at the world of high fashion, Art Deco and rationalism. And playing with precious materials and finishes: mirror-like surfaces, Swarovski crystals, inserts that mimic the effect of the skin.

The latest addition to the team of luxury furnishings, the Fashion Collection is where SigeGold meets fashion. It is a collection that makes use of the versatility of tailored materials to "dress up" doors, wall panels and accessories. It includes a set of solutions that, like a dress, can be tailored to your environment, custom fit according to your taste and the way it feels. Think about the adaptability of a leather bag, or the sparkle of make-up and the glitter of rhinestones, now imagine them on doors, handles and coatings, this is Skins, the first fashion collection signed by SigeGold.