Boiseries Collection

Boiserie Concept Boiserie Concept Boiserie Concept Boiserie Concept Boiserie Concept

The SigeGold' style are formed on the walls of a room, the covers and harmonizes with the doors and furniture. La Boiserie is a collection of wood paneling, custom made and decorated with unique elegance and unmistakable.

SigeGold traditional lines gain new spaces and offer themselves as wall decoration. La Boiserie, a collection of decorative inlaid wooden panels was created for this purpose, to reflect the style of the doors and apply it to the home space. Each project is custom built according to the interior and to the style of the doors. La Boiserie displays just some of the possibilities offered by SigeGold, and presents itself as a collection in progress, capable of renewing itself after the designer’s imagination, the chosen type of doors or the taste of the customer.